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Should SDRs, BDRs And ADRs Be Managed By Sales Or Marketing

Seeing both models, there is no right or wrong answer in my opinion.

My belief is it's more down the individual leading the function i.e. If the marketing leader is very sales focused, understands sales process and demand gen (in a B2B context) then well placed to manage SDR's.

It helps connect the two functions. 

If the sales leader is not purely focused on AE's and has a great connection with the CMO.

In this scenario it could work to be under the sales leader.

The key principle is the focus being on integration between the two functions.

If there is good integration the structure will work.

The leader who loves building and managing Inside sales functions is the individual who should own the team. Not the specific title. 

If not, regardless of reporting line - it will fail.
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