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How To Avoid Being Micro-Managed

A very effective approach and strategy is to over-communicate at all times on your progress. Don't let them chase you for information. The best employee's always prep to provide ongoing updates and are great at keeping people / their boss in the loop. 

How, it can be quite simple. 

In a sales role, every week communicate your plans i.e. “I have follow ups with A, B, and C companies for sales calls. X, Y and Z have closing appointments scheduled. I’ll be cold-calling in company X in the mid-week.” Send it on Friday night or Monday morning. Updating them quickly in the corridors isn’t enough! Sending a slack with limited detail is not enough! You need to know how and what information they need; how they like to consume it.

Over-communication (people always think they do but they don't - think about how to 10x your current comms) is an excellent way to avoid being 'micro-managed' because you are being so communicative. Your manager never has to worry about items being dropped, not done properly and gives them peace of mind.

One of the main reasons a boss micro-manages is from a lack of complete information.

If you can fill this information gap you are going to solve this problem. And it has to be ongoing and consistent! 

Other ideas: 
+ Send an agenda before every 1:1
+ Send takeaways and actions notes after each 1:1
+ Send an update every Friday
+ Send an update every Monday

(Think of the times they will worry - Friday morning, have we had a good week? Sunday evening, how does the week look? Monday morning, how will we execute this week.)

This simple approach shows your boss that you are on-top of everything, and helps them make effective management decisions. It will create the foundations for a trusting relationship. It will give you the space you are craving.