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How To Build Content That Helps Deal Velocity And Brand Awareness At The Same Time

The best strategy for building content for quick wins is to focus on sales objection thought leadership. By this I mean developing direct responses to the most common objections you hear from prospects.

Start by collecting the top objections from the sales team, or challenges they have in the current sales cycle.

Once you’ve collected this list, have sales reps help you prioritise this list in order of importance. 

You should aim to have the top ten, ranked by how frequently they apply.

On each challenge spin up a thought leadership “counter argument” to the challenge.

Each response should be useful, informative and seem to be written in the thought leadership context. Be careful the responses don’t feel like sales pitches, but rather as a value add.

This approach to defining your early content works so well because you will not only get content out quickly but you will also provide sales with content they will actually want to use. 

Doing this exercise can populate your first 3–6 months of messaging!