About me
Hello, I'm Edwin Abl, and I'm glad you are here.
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What are #dailymotivation articles?
#dailymotivation articles are just a series of awesome things and curated links, added daily.

Back in 2014, I had a vision to help members of my team learn something new every day. I cared about changing their mindset, motivation and drive. At first, these were sent by email each morning at 6am - now updated each Friday on my blog.

Designed for leaders who want to inspire their team with something motivational, useful and actionable (based on my experience of managing sales, marketing and sales development teams).
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[Podcast] Demand Karma (coming soon!)
Launching in late August, tune into my Demand Karma - B2B Smarketing, wellbeing and mindset tactics Podcast.

Don' have a lot of extra time to spend learning about leadership, learning, sales, marketing and wellbeing? You're in luck. You can tune in to my Demand Karma with Edwin Abl podcast and get actionable advice on how to become an inspirational leader -- 5 minutes at time.

You will learn exactly what I learn each week as a CMO / New Business Sales of a fast growing SaaS company. The series will focus around wellbeing, learning, tools, tactical advice and leadership principles.
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My Bio
Entrepreneurial / growth venture executive with expertise in marketing, business development, revenue generation, strategy and lead generation for cloud, services, SaaS and B2B software.

I'm incredibly passionate about learning and development — specifically, how to build everyday learning habits that will change your mindset. As CMO of Hive Learning, my role is to help senior leaders in large organisations understand how to deliver effective behaviour change.

Our SaaS platform creates daily learning experiences that are more motivating, engaging, collaborative, relevant and habit forming - all within a consumer grade mobile UI.

Before working at Hive Learning, I led and built marketing at Appirio in Europe ($133M pipeline growth in 4 years), co-founded 2 companies in the Cloud tech space and worked as a sales/marketing advisor to startups and entrepreneurs.
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