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Strategies, tactics, frameworks and process for revenue growth

Do you want Revenue Growth?

The way you approach business development has a huge effect on what you get — I can teach you clear strategies, frameworks, tactics, processes and the secrets behind building a high growth team. Do you want to be more successful?

The answer will always be YES.
Scalable revenue growth always needs improved results from Demand Generation — more volume, better quality, scalable processes and team development is VITAL MIX.

When you look to design your approach, there is such a variety of new ideas, tactics, strategies, tools, process and more...

How do you know what's important?

If we consider, cold sales outreach as an outbound channel for scaling,

... for example ...

We already see generic copy that doesn't work, same old templates, social selling misconceptions, poor data and unmotivated SDR's with the wrong KPI's— as some of the challenges.

So, how do you know where to start? Or start again, or start to re-align for getting more consistency from an engaged sales, SDR or marketing group.

The reality is no answer fits all, but I've figured out a few simple tactics that actually help generate results, consistently.

The three pillars of this framework is STRATEGY, COPY, AND PROCESS—beneath lies lots of actionable detail, from my experience.

Just take a look at my journey below…

This is my story
When I was 21 years old
...started working in recruitment on a cold desk with ZERO customers, processes, tools or strategy - just a phone.
Cold selling was incredibly hard
...my goal was to look how to create sales opportunities through warm selling — with a focus on email outreach and simple clever strategies.
Wanted to transform an industry
...and decided to start my own consulting business thinking it would be easy to build something and sell for lots of money.
Hit an obstacle
...didn't quite reach my goal, selling and building a small business was an incredible slog, without the right strategy for consistent growth.
Had a rethink, started a hiring platform
...called TalentFeed that helped curate Salesforce developers into an invite-only community, made it work but failed to raise funds despite being profitable.
It failed to make a HUGE impact
...something didn't quite click, realised it was important to refocus and learn from the past, my goal was to guide, coach, mentor, and help start-ups.
Spent 5 years learning along the way
...all about systems, processes, challenges, sales outreach, a new sales fad etc etc... in addition, studied and tested all sorts of personal development hacks, tactics and guru's...
Joined Appirio, inc (acquired by Wipro)
...to put my knowledge into practice and build something bigger.
And now...
I've helped grow a pipeline from $300k to $80m in under 4 years, and I can help share that knowledge, experience and advice with YOU.
Choose where you want to start from the options below.
Frequently Asked Questions
During my 7 years experience B2B business development and marketing I have been worked with small private projects and large enterprise sales processes.
How exactly can you help?
I'm able to help B2B start-ups and/or established companies with specific solutions aimed at growth:

1. Revenue Growth Strategy - I'm currently available to work alongside 2 (maximum 3) board/ CEO, start-ups or sales leaders, get access to my expertise around scaling revenue for growth, hiring effective SDR's/ data driven marketers, systems, tools, technology, driving collaboration and much more...

2. Revenue Growth Sales Copy - Are you looking to launch cold email campaigns, event / seminar recruitment and email nurturing emails that are conversion focused backed by years of data driven analysis? If yes, I'm able to help define a persona for outreach and provide sets of A/B tested copy that can be deployed at short notice to drive demand.

In addition, I believe in the long term, the best sales success and community management is all around effective lead nurturing. I'm able to manage your monthly nurturing, newsletter or outreach programme with email nurturing sales copy. Did you know - "65% of B2B marketers have not established lead nurturing (marketingsherpas)". For a fixed monthly fee you'll drive community building and funnel development at the core part of your long term strategy.

3. Free Frameworks - Access my frameworks for FREE simply by clicking this link.
Does it matter if I am a start-up or established business, consulting or productised solution
No, my experience spans from helping start-ups scale from scratch through to building and accelerating pipeline in established growing B2B businesses.
Can you guarantee results?
The overall goal will be to help pass on my experience from what HAS worked over the last 10 years, and what has not worked. You'll get access to all the systems I've created, tools I use, A/B tested sales copy that converts and the secrets behind revenue growth.

You're guaranteed those results!
Can I get FREE advice?
Sure, my time is limited but I'm open to a conversation if you need some advice and expertise related to your current challenges. Just complete the form below to get in touch, lets see if there is a good fit.
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Just use ONE conversation for a quick injection of expertise you can execute around TODAY, ditch everything else and start driving revenue growth...
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